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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All Saints Day!! 12:54pm

Happy November 1st!! It's All Saints Day... I hope new angels are turning into saints! 

Here's my little angel! I held her this morning for 2 hours & she was so rested & slept comfortably on me.  She really is in the stage of enjoying being held & feeling comforted.  I'm sure sleeping in a tiny isolette all day, can be rather boring!  Here she has on a onesie that Auntie Heather made for her.  It's a little big, but it works.  Have I told you all enough that I can not wait til all that tape is off her face next week?? Naturally, she always wants to pull it out...well geesh, it's causing some chaffness on her little face.

She is 4lbs. 2 oz. as of this morning. It's a quiet day in the NICU.. which is good!  I read all her books to her.. and she's sleeping again. 

I brought leftovers from dinner last night: corn, mashed potatoes, thin chicken cutlets in a mushroom sauce.. we also had pork loin.  There's some new faces at the RmCd house.. still some new youngins talking last night about their other children Trick or Treating!  Deep sigh.. what can I tell you, that really you don't already know??

The good thing is my "neighbors" feel the deep sighness of the 14year old too.. she just really agitates us all!!  But we don't know who is worse, her or her mother!  This is the only family that I wish would go home sooner than later.. hee hee!!

Here's my other little angel..whom I miss dearly.  Emily.. spiderwoman!! Only Emily.. she has a great little personality..and wants to be a superhero like her brother!

Cute isn't she? with her red sparkley shoes.. Hope they had fun trick or treating last night!!  I can't wait for Gracie to meet her cousins!

So, I forgot my meds this morning, and my hair scrunchie, and my ibuprofren.. :( ugh! I might head back to the house a little early today.. the walk in was refreshing & I think I might need it back too.

Have a good day all.

pattie & gary, gracie & maxwell

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