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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Morning... 9:36a.m.

Good morning! I got up at 7, to be here for 7:30.. made it a little later, but was here for 1st feeding.  Gracie did great with the bottle last night, she took ALL 43cc's at the 8 o'clock feeding.. this morning, she took 15 with me.. she's doing great with the bottle feeds; especially if you think about it who would've guessed she would even take a bottle so quickly..she is 44 weeks gestationally today.  (Some term babies aren't even ready for a bottle when they're full term).  We truly have a miracle baby! Thank you, God!! :) Truly.

This is Gracie after her feeding.. she is pooped!! lol

Gracie is 117 days old; 44 weeks old gestationally
5lbs. 15oz!!!!! (one more oz to 6lbs)

We are so happy with her progress.. I think everyone here is just as impressed.
Tomorrow's the big meeting, I've been preparing for .. we got some answers from our health insurance rep yesterday.. soo it's just about getting the paperwork done &
talking about our little girl.. Please keep us in mind at 4:00pm tomorrow!
I'm sure it will go well!!  There are quite a few nurses & nnp's, and md's that are not actually working, but coming in for the meeting..and that makes me very happy.
Gracie has surely warmed alot of hearts here!!
These people WILL be missed!
But we are excited to be leaving!!!!!

Here's our sweet pea.. I love that hat!!

Okay.. rounds is almost in.. (i'll take a pic)

Love you guys,
pattie & gary, gracie & maxwell

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