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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cold & Windy update 6:29pm

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!! Long day.. I'm I'm putting a post out ..before I fall asleep.  Daddy is on his way back.. should get here by 8... just in time for bed, hope he knows we are up by 6:30.. it might be Thanksgiving, but the babe has to eat & the nurses have to be there..which means we have to be there.

Today was a good day.  I was able to feed Gracie a little bottle at the 8, 2 & 5 o'clock feeding.  I can tell that she's ready to eat, because she's a little cranky & she's licking the blankie.. LOL.. I was just staring at her for awhile today, she's so precious!! She truly is!!

It's cold & windy now.. went from mid 50's the other day, to low 30's tonight.. brrrr!!

Tonight is usually a big party going evening for most people.. please be safe!!
I read on facebook our local ER had a sad day with a death of a child or two, please keep their parents in your prayers this Thanksgiving!

We'll post our Thanksgiving picture tomorrow..(nothing exciting)
Stil working on our plans for discharge..

Be safe! Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

pattie & gary, gracie & max

p.s. before i forget, it's pasta tonight for dinner!! And NO I'm not making that up!! Homemade mac & cheese & baked ziti..
then I'll be complaining about too many turkey leftovers!

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