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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

99 Days & Counting 12:19pm

Hi, everyone! Gracie is coming along.. she is 99 days old today! Wow. That means that we've been in Maine 113 days total (14 days on bedrest).  We've seen Summer, Fall, a little snow on 10/29 & now Fall (with Indian Summer weather).  Last time I was home was 9/19 for one day..  I miss my home, cooking dinner, getting things ready for baby.  I'll get back sometime.  I don't think it's going to be before Thanksgiving.  Maybe we can hope for an early Christmas Miracle & be home early December.

Grace is resting comfortably today.  She is still on the ventiliator, they hope to have her weened off in the next day or so.  We certainly don't want her to get used to the vent.  She is breathing above it, so it's just a matter of weening her off.  As you remembered from past posts, she gets alot of secretions with the vent tubing in her we need to get her off this sooner than later.

She's already up to 10cc's/formula, the 30 cal as she was on before, an hour!  So she's doing good with feeds thru the NJ tube (so I'm glad they kept the NJ tube in thru her nose to feed her.)

Margo is her nurse today.  She's very attentive with Grace.  We are heading to Super Walmart, I know YEA! NOT!

   RIP Katie Brienzo, a 29 year old Fairhaven woman who got hit by a car while walking last night & passed away.  I'm so sad.  I've been thinking of her & the driver of the car as well all night.  What a tragic way to die.

I'll post later.  Gracie is moving around a little, maybe starting to feel better.

pattie & gary, gracie & max

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