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Thursday, November 24, 2011

On to Black Friday... 9:50pm

Good eve! A nice Thanksgiving Day was had with Uncle Chip & Aunt Patty (Kelley's aunt & uncle).. and we had a very nice.  They were very welcoming & happy that we were there.  Thank you Uncle Chip & Aunt Patty!!

Here's Josh & Kelley and me & Gary at Thanksgiving Dinner!!

We were in the town of Wyndham & they had gotten about 9" of snow.. lots of snow everywhere..
Snow fallen trees in Wyndham.. beautiful picture taken by Gary while driving (i was

And of course our blessed miracle of the day:
In her Mamaroo.. We got back to the hospital around 4:30, and she was sleeping in the mamaroo.. she had a good day & had taken 20cc's by bottle with the nurse at one of her feedings.  She's doing so well.. Thank You God!!

These are the good sales I know about:
30 pk. AA Batteries, Lowe's -- $4.00
Belgian Waffle Maker, Target -- $25.00
2 piece waffle maker, Walmart -- $3.00

We are going out tomorrow to Target sometime to get Gracie's infant car seat & stroller, travel system.. soo we'll check what's around.. but this year, not really going out "black friday shopping" at 3:00 a.m., like we usually do!  We are getting run down a litte, and really need to get our sleep.. there's always cyber monday!
(I really don't like shopping..really!)

Hope you all had a blessed Thankgiving.  It's the time for many miracles & a merry Holiday season!

Eat much. Love more!

pattie, gary & gracie & maxwell

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