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Thursday, November 17, 2011

And for the humbled part... 6:07pm

I don't know where to begin truly!  I left the hospital at was dark out, and I walked back to the RmcD house as I really need to feel the crisp, cool air.  I was very overwhelmed.. just feeling like a new mom does when they're trying to calm a crying baby all day.  Even in the hospital, the last hour or so, was very I think poor little Gracie needs to poop; and she was soo upset!

I got into a crappy chat with Gary, as he was telling me immediately about his day..and blah blah blah.. and here I was waiting for him to "sense" that I felt frustrated..and maybe lend me some sympathy.. (Men just don't get it sometimes!!)..and he didn't.

I called my friend, Paula..and was crying to her.

I got inside my room at the house..and when I opened the door, there was a card that had been slipped under the door.  (I have received NO mail here, and I love mail.. good mail that is! lol).  I looked at the return address, and didn't know it..other than it was from Fairhaven.  "Oh," I thought.

Then it just hit me like a ton of bricks..literally!! I wept & wept..and have had the BEST cry since Maxwell's passing.  I'm still crying, even as I write or try to express my deepest, humbled GRATITUDE.. for ALL OF YOU, my Fairhaven High School classmates of 1987!!   I can't believe it.. I would've never expected this.. it was a card with checks & cash from my classmates..with wishes of thoughts & prayers for all that we have been thru & going thru!!  I don't know how to say "thank you".. I'm humbled by the even smallest generosity of these people.  The "thought" itself would've been more than enough. 

From the bottom of our hearts; words truly cannot express how thankful
 we are to each & everyone of you!! 
THANK YOU!! Each & everyone of you who sent us a SMILE & a TEAR today with your thoughts, prayers & givings!

We will be opening a savings account for Gracie in her name back home.
We will also be making a donation in Maxwell's name on behalf of the class of 1987 for something.  I'm just going to pray about it, and see where it leads me.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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