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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Today's update & road trip! 3:11pm

Hi, everyone! Gracie just left for yes, another road trip.. this time down for a MRI on her head.. nothing to worry about, just a baseline for her records (as we are getting ready to get things in order to go home).

She sleeps like her Vevo with her mouth

I got here at 6:55a.m. with the morning shift & Gracie was still sleeping a little, then she was wide awake.  So, I got to see her first thing in the morning, bright eyed & bushy tailed.  She looked so beautiful! I gave her a bottle feed at 7:40ish a.m., and she took 5cc's.. every little counts.  Then she had a feeding thru her g-tube at 8:00a.m.; I got the feeds ready today and have done ALL the hands on stuff with her.  At her 11 a.m. feed, she took 10cc's by bottle and OT came in & was very impressed on how well she was doing with her sucking & taking the bottle.

Nighttime, who is now a day shift nurse, Kristina is her nurse today..
Okay, so I'm back & it's 3:46pm.. Kathy (coordinator of DISCHARGE planning) came by for a visit & update.. & we are shaking & grooving over here!!

Cindy, one of the neonatalogist nurse practioners, is on today & she has been very helpful in coordinating & faxing forms, etc. etc.  I jokingly said to her,
"I'm glad someone is taking me seriously, about leaving!!"
She laughed.  I really can't complain, MMC has been wonderful.. & I wouldn't be making suggestions to go home if it wasn't that Grace is doing soo GREAT!!

She may have to go home on oxygen for a little bit, but she's not getting that much..and I'd rather have it for peace of mind than not, we do have a 2.5 hour car ride home. And Gman.. I'm driving!!! :)

Here's my sweet pea again!! Chubby cheekers!!
Grace & I had a good day!  I'm back tomorrow for 7a.m.
I'm starting to use my black book (thanks, Dalila) for Gracie's stuff..
feeding schedules & things to do..  It's soo very exciting!!
Early intervention will be referred to Schwartz Center, in Dartmouth. Visiting nurses will be Southcoast.  Plans are definitely being made!!
A big HUG & THANK YOU to my MOM & DAD..who are paying for Gracie's travel system...infant car seat & stroller.. I'm going to go to Target to get the one I want hopefully on Friday.. I was going to order it online, but I wouldn't get it til end of next week.. and I need it 3-5 days prior to leaving! She has to take a car seat angle test for at least 90 minutes!!
She'll be back soon to her crib..and I need to be off the computer by then..
SO.. Thanks for reading! Thanks for the prayers!
Grace is 112 days old; 43w2days & 5lbs. 11oz!!
Love you guys,
pattie & gary, gracie & max (forever in our hearts!)

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