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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Evening Update 10:26pm

hi! I know you guys are all missing some cute pictures..but as soon as Gracie is extubated & looking better I will post some pictures (hopefully by weekend, if not tomorrow!!).

Today, she had a GREAT day... sometimes it's just the nurse she happens to have on.  Margo was on with her today & really leaves the room as Zen as possible, and Gracie likes it.  The respiratory therapists, Josh & Kyle, were on today too..and they're both really nice with Gracie.  They help Margo get the secretions from the back of Gracie's throat..and it's alot! So, it helps her to breath better while on the vent.  The vent is turned down pretty low, so hopefully tomorrow they'll be able to extubate her.  The epidural from surgery is still in her, hoping that comes out tomorrow too.  We'll see!

She is on full feeds again.. 13.5cc/hour of 30 cal formula.  Surgeons came into see her twice today; and anthesology as well.  All is glad she's doing well.. just we all want her off the vent.

Ross & Doug are planning a trip up on Friday.. should be nice to see Uncle Gigi!! :)

Tomorrow, Sue is back on..soo that'll make for a good day..and we are celebrating 100 days tomorrow!!! YEA..or should I say, WOW!!

Gary & I went to Applebee's for dinner tonight.. it was either that or spaghetti (again! uck!!)

pattie & gary, gracie & maxwell

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