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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Evening Update 10:20pm

Hey, everyone!  Gracie had a good afternoon.. she is recovering nicely! She has been taking Tylenol for the pain, and maybe just one or two doses of morphine..but they're trying to control any pain with Tylenol only.  She's still losing a good amount of fluid weight, so I'll be glad when that's done & she looks like her old self & then starts to gain real weight.  Here's a close up:
So as you can see her face looks a little chubbier than normal, that's some of the fluid weight she gained with the surgery.  But being back on full feeds, she should gain some real weight.

It seems like her belly is working normally, the g-tube hasn't had much drainage, which is great..maybe by early next week, they can start feedings thru that tube & that would mean taking out the NJ from her nose.  I imagine by the end of the weekend, early next week, the canular (breathing) will be off too.  She's breathing on her own pretty good.  Just needs to the extra flow sometimes.

Gary & I went to see Tower Heist with Eddie Murphy today.. nice cinema.. good seats!  And good popcorn.

Dinner tonight was Lasagna AGAIN! Ughhh... we had hot dogs. Tomorrow we're expecting Uncle Ross & Uncle Dougie for a visit.. and then have dinner plans with Josh & Kelley at a wing joint.  Looking forward to it.

We're hoping Sue is back tomorrow.. We had another nurse today.. nice but not what we're used to... it is what it is.  Dr. Marro is the Neo Doc on tomorrow.. so that's Gracie's boyfriend, so that's good!!

Hope everyone has a nice day off tomorrow (if you have the holiday off).  And Thanks to our service men & women out there..

pattie & gary & gracie & maxwell

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