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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Sunday! 11:42a.m.

Good morning! Gary & I missed rounds.. we slept til 10:15 this morning.. our bodies telling us that we're tired.  And we are.. it's a different kind of tired.. it's this sorta NICU routine, you get into.. sit at baby's side all day.. participate in change of diaper, temp readings every 3 hours, holding & reading to your baby, and then go back to RmCd dinner, watch a couple of shows on laptop & then go to bed.  Day in & day out..that's what we do here.  On occassion, we go to lunch or the store..but it's not for that long, because we have to come back & check on our girl.. it's exhausting!

Anyway.. a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY goes out to Uncle Ross today..  and Auntie Linda.. and Colin Patrick!!

Yes you're reading that correctly.. Gracie's weight today is 4lbs. 14oz!!!  Tomorrow will be one week post surgery date, so we'll know in a few days what her true weight is.. but she is on 30 cal. formula, which is the highest calorie for a preemie.  So, by end of week she should be close to 5lbs.!  Do you see the light at the end of the tunnel like I do??  It's shining brightly today!!

We're soo PROUD of Miss Gracie.. she is doing so well.  I remember when Benjamin (my now 4 year old nephew) used to say, "Auntie Pattie I'm so proud of you"..just whenever he thought about it.. it was because he heard those words from his mom & dad to him.. Children do repeat what you tell them!! :)  Hi, BEN!!  Hi, EMILY!!!  I really miss them.. can't wait to get Gracie home so she can meet her cousins!!

Fun Fact Sunday:  You have 5 weekends left for Christmas Shopping! Get to it!

Okie dokie..  I'll update later..

Have a great Sunday!
pattie & gary, gracie & max

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