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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Overwhelmed & Humbled 5:43pm

HI! Today has been a huge bag of emotions for me.. I did not sleep very well (as most of you know reading my last post).. and I was up fairly early, tried to stay in bed a little while longer.. I don't know why I couldn't sleep, just overwhelmed I guess.

Gracie had a good day today.. she was just a normal 'fussy' baby, and it was very overwhelming for me.  I know I'm being such an idiot.. this is good that she was crying, and being 'fussy'.. I'll never get mad at a night nurse again saying she was 'fussy'..because that was her today.  I think she's really just getting used to the whole feeling full feeling, and trying to poop, and trying to breathe! We are asking her to do so much.  In her little life, already, she has been thru soo much..and now we are expecting her to feed at a higher ml for 2 hours & then take an hour break.  She must think we're nuts!  Poor girl. 

This is a neo nurse practioner, Cindy above helping me put together Gracie's new red, white & black (developmental) mobile.

And here is on the right over Gracie's crib.. she was looking at it for a little while (it's very loud!).. she seems to like the lights of the aquarium better, right now!

So, Gracie went from continous hourly feeds of 15cc's, to receiving 46 cc's of feeding over a 2 hour period, off 1 hour.  I think she's more fussy, & her 02 sats drop a little as she gets full & not sure of that feeling.. (remember this is the first (official) time that she has gotten food into her belly.. she always had feedings thru the NJ (bypass the belly into the small intestines).  So, she needs to really work thru it.. so this is what's called a 'bolis' feeding.. she does get an hour break from feeding, and is usually calmer in that hour... it's just something new to get used to..for her & for me!!  These feedings started around 11:30 a.m.  So, then around 2pm.. the "feeding team" came in..

And this is Gracie taking 5ml's by a bottle for the FIRST time.  And she did OK!  They were happy that she didn't dip her oxygen levels that much.  She swallowed some & then took a break (with a deep breath) when needed.  She did okay!!  Big Girl.. Mommy's soo PROUD of you!!!!!!

They are going to try & come in everyday.. because it's definitely going to be one of those tasks that they're going to have to keep practicing on her.  They want her to learn that eating is fun; to avoid having any oral/mouth adversions!   She did great, for her 1st time.. 5ml's was all they were expecting for her to take & that's what she took!!

I left with my neighbors, Kelley & Josh, and baby Will going over to CCN (continuing care a level 2).. I took pictures for them, as they moved their stuff over there.  I was asked by the doctor yesterday if we wanted to move over there & I said 'no'..that I was pretty independant with Gracie here in the NICU & that we've been for 107 days & that's where we will be discharged from!  But I am sad, that Kelley & Josh will be on the other side.. I will, of course, see that at the RmCd House for dinners & such.  And after Kelley was feeling last night, I'm glad this happened for her today..because she was's not a definite timeframe on when they will go home, but it's one step closer.  And we are good staying where we are..we're just very territoral!!!! :)    So, thanks for saying that extra prayer for Kelley & Baby Will.. prayers do work, even though sometimes I'm not sure.. all I have is prayer!

I did find out today that XTRA PRAYERS are needed for Gracie for next Wednesday evening.. Can I truly ask for more prayers from all of you?? Really?? It seems that all I ever do.. but, Grace had her hearing screen last night & she was fussy & they didn't get a good reading..soo she has a repeat test next Wednesday.  I ask God to heal her.. she has been thru soo much, she doesn't need any other issues.  They like to take the test when they're sleeping, and go at night..but I guess last night she was a big fuss muffit!!  So, they're coming back on Wednesday!


Lasagna for dinner tonight.. LOL.. I know I'll make some of you laugh..

A good but overwhelming day in Motherhood!!

Love you,
pattie & gary, gracie & maxwell

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