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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gotta get to bed! 11:00pm

Why am I still awake?? Yes, I have to get up at 6:00 get to the hospital for 7:00ish.. my new routine!  I was very happy with myself today, as I took care of Gracie & all her stuff!  She's doing great!!

She's having her mama's GI issues with poopies.. :(  but hopefully, nothing a little prune juice can't help solve.  She'll get 5ml's every 12 hours (Q12).  Daddy just called to check on her & she had a small to moderate poop.. & was sleeping comfortably.

She's doing an amazing job holding her bink & really sucking on it.. all great things to remember as she continues to take a bottle.... a little practice & she'll be doing great.
This is the last time she can wear this preemie outfit.. She's starting to outgrow her preemie clothes..but she does have some newborn clothes, she'll be in those for a little while longer.  Look at her big, beautiful eyes!!  She is soo cute!!

Gracie has really touched the hearts of soo many lives already! She is destined for big things, I just know it!  Her contiued/discharge meeting is still planned for Monday at 4:00.. I am meeting with people & really getting it coordinated.  There's a few people who have Monday off, but are going to come back in for the meeting.  I'm happy they will. 
We have made many connections here..

Tonight, I went out to Reny's Department Store.. cool store.. with Josh & Kelley.. 
managed to grab just a few Christmas presents while I was there.  Then we went to "Boda" for dinner, for Thai food & it was delish.  

(last night was pasta for dinner & tonight was a chicken, broccoli & rice dish)

My mommy LOVES this hat!!

Must go to bed now!! Love to my friends RH & HH!!

As you get your Turkey dinner ready .. remember what you are truly Thankful for this season!! :)  Prayers for all of YOU..

pattie & gary, gracie & max 

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