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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Successful Saturday! 3:34pm

Hi, everyone! Gracie is a Godsend! We are very Thankful.. surgery worked as all expected, and she's making some huge strides!! Yesterday, she was in her first big girl bed, a crib & off the canula.. today, she started 3ml's/hour of feeding in her G-tube!! That means she's getting food into her belly...and doing great! The g-tube feeding started around 11 a.m., and I captured it!

Above is her RN putting the tubing into the tube for feedings..

To the left is Gracie this morning..soon, very soon... that NJ tube will be out!!

When she starts to get a little fussy, they just come & vent out or 'burp' the tube.. she is just starting to get used to formula in her belly, and has to train herself to get rid of it.. since 11 a.m., she's doing okay with it.  Both Daddy & I have held her today too.

Last night we went to dinner with Josh & Kelley.. went to buffalo wings restaurant & yes, had wings..they were delish.  I would definitely go again & have boneless wings!  They have about 15 different sauces you can choose from.. it was delish.  J&K are very nice people, like G&I.. and it's nice to go out with someone from the NICU & RmCd house..and in some form know your own feelings about what's happening.  And someone to bitch with too!!

Gracie's nurse, Sue..hasn't been around this week.. We hope she's ok! And if you're reading this.. We miss you..and NEED you back soon!

G&I met another couple in the NICU who's twin daughter was born at 25 weeks.. she's doing OK.. she's a cutie, I met her today.  Please keep "I" in your prayers.. they, too, unfortunately lost their other twin daughter.  Soo many of us are in that 'club' up here.. that's the 5th family I've met personally.. it saddens me!

     A big "HUG" to Heather.. my dear friend who made up my shower invites & got them out this week... They're soo beautiful! She hand designed them..and they might not make sense to the average person.. but I'll explain them.. On the cover, it has a moon in the left hand corner with a heart hanging on the moon (the moon represents Maxwell!!), then there is a tree branch with 2 in RED (me: my favorite color, I wear red alot), and one in BLUE (Gary) & then another branch has a PURPLE owl.. for Gracie (because red & blue equals purple).  Heather is soo creative.. & I love it!! Thanks, HH!!

Okay.. quick update at 3:49pm, they put the g-tube feeding back to 2 ml's/hour.. just to let her to adjust to tummy food.  No big deal, Gracie.. you're still doing great!!

Love u guys; thanks for reading!!
pattie & gary, gracie  & maxwell  (we love you to the moon & back)

On mama's arm..

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