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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thurs. Evening 10:01pm 10/6

I don't know how I feel.. a little stressed I think.  Feelings of things that I need to get done at home, or paperwork that has come in the mail at home, that I need to take care of & being here with Gracie is more important to me.  Sure, it's one thing to say "don't worry about it", but it's another if it's not getting done.  I know Gary is busy with work & having his own stresses now that he's back to work full-time, he has deadlines to meet and I feel like I'm asking him to do too much in bringing stuff back or taking care of stuff there.  But, I'm needed here and Gracie is thriving..and I'm sure part of the reason is she hears me everyday.  Deep sigh!  We'll work through it, I'm sure we will.. but it's hard.. my hope is she can go home sooner than later!

In case you forgot how cute she looks!  Like a little baby, ah?? LOL.. Of course she IS a baby, just really starting to fill out.  Her right hand is so dramatically placed on her head.  She's soo cute!!

She's definitely turning the corner.. she's having no d-sats & we're praying and keeping hope that she has outgrown the apnea!  Now onward to the feedings!  She does have a little bile regurgertations, but nothing like she was having.  Sunday she'll be 37 weeks.

Went out to Target this afternoonn with my friend, Kelley.. nice ride, and nicer to go with someone who grew up in the area.  Just got a few things, a new book for me to read to Gracie.  Tomorrow, I'm going to play music for her from my itunes on the laptop.  I sing to her a lot, but maybe she needs to hear some quiet music too.  I'll put her in the other preemie outfit too & post pictures in the morning.

Going to bed early tonight, I am getting tired!

Love you guys,
pattie & gary, gracie & max

Dinner was pasta with red sauce (it was OK) & rolls.. that were delish!! And cupcakes.. :)

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