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Friday, October 28, 2011

3 Seasons Friday, 10/28/11 @ 10:02a.m.

So, Gracie & I have been here in Maine for 3 seasons:  Summer, Fall & now Winter.  I saw snow last night as I looked out my open window (it's soo HOT in my room), just big flakes coming down from the sky with a mix of rain.. it was actually pretty.  And I have a bright street light that shines thru my window, so it made a very pretty glare.

Anyway, I brought the laptop into the hospital today, but forgot the card reader for my pictures.  Always, I'm telling you!  Anyway, I came in today & Gracie was covered by people retaping & retaping her.  Geesh.  So, I went to level 2 to drop off a few cards for baby Evelyn that is going home today, and ran into our friend, Sue (nurse from labor & delivery).  She came & visited with Grace for a few seconds.

Ironically, on my way into the hospital this morning I saw this woman who had on a "fairhaven blue devils" sweatshirt.. so I had to stop her!  She is originally from ME but lives in fairhaven now. Nice to see a little familiarity, for a second I thought I was back in Fairhaven.

I just got Grace comfortable to go back to sleep.  She lost a little yesterday, too much energy spent with the 2 hour picc line being put back in. Arghh.. but she's still 4lbs. 3oz (just dropped 20 grams or so).

That's this morning's story.  Daddy is on his way back. Heather & Mady stopped in to visit Gary last night with stuff for Gracie..thanks guys!! Gracie is getting spoiled already.

I'll post pictures later.  Thanks to Nichole for mailing out some clothes for Gracie & Will.

Love you guys,
pattie & gary, gracie & max

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