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Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's snowing!! 9:26pm

It's snowing! It's official.. it's white.. and looks pretty.. here's a pic:
RmCd Courtyard..1st Snowfall 10/29/11

Gracie had a wonderful day! We gave her a bath in a big girl tub, and she did great with it.  She did cry a little.  Then she fell asleep for a few hours, she was just so comfortable & got good rest! Lots of growing to do, that little pumpkin!

Big Girl Tubby!!

Will (her neighbor) also got a bath, so we snuck over there to see him.. almost could've walked out with her..

Mommy, Gracie & Penny (RN)

We just had a really fun day with Gracie.  She did too! Mari & Happy (nurses) stopped by to see us and look at Gracie.  Everyone loves Gracie.. and everyone is so happy & proud at how well she is doing.  We have a chart up that staff & us are guessing her discharge date.  I'm guessing 12/9, but the dates range from 11/28 to 12/22..
We'll keep you all posted.  Let's get thru this last week before surgery, I think she's going to be close to 2 kilo's (which is 4lbs. 7oz).. She's almost there!!

Dinner was stew meat again, so Josh & Kelley & us ordered Papa John's.. it was very good & definitely something different.

Forgot to mention that the small thin tube (OG) had to come out & they put another one in her mouth.. she's doing better with that one.  And ... after all that chatter this week & the picc line being put in on Thursday; it had to come out this morning because it was very inflammed!! :( ugh!! poor baby.. soo we are not sure if they'll try to put another one in in a couple of days, or wait til we are closer to surgery date. Geesh!

We love you guys!  Thanks for reading and keeping updated!

pattie & gary, gracie & maxwell

p.s.  I got a nice email last night from Mollie (a teenager in Fairhaven)..who loves reading the blog.. and said I was a great mom.  Thanks Mollie!!!!! :)

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