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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Good Morning, Tuesday! 10/11/11 @ 12:18pm

Gracie is 70 days old actual & 37w2days gestational.  Still weighing in at 3lbs. 8oz; and getting tall at 17.32"!!

Good morning! Like most people that had yesterday off, today was a hard day for Gracie to get in the groove for OT! She wasn't very relaxed & had a few regurgertations, so we'll have to try again tomorrow.  I will work with her leg lifts later this afternoon.  After, Marisa left, she had her eyes open wide for about 30 hour... just listening to mom & dad read to her.
They are starting to slowly introduce new preemie formula to her today; starting at 25% Similac Preemie & the neocate; every day they will add more & by the end of the week she should be completely at the Similac formula, which will give her more nutrients.  The plan right now is help her to gain weight.  They would like to see her gain 1/2 an ounce to 1 oz./day!  Let's pray she fattens up some!

She's been off the caffeine dose as of yesterday & is doing pretty well with the breathing.  She sometimes have apnea spells, but most come when she is pushing for a poop.. a few regurgertations as well.  For the most part, she's doing okay!!

Daddy's leaving today.. he'll be back either Thursday evening or Friday for the weekend.

I'll write more later.. last night the evening meal at the house was turkey not sure what's for dinner tonight, wouldn't mind leftovers!  I saw some pumpkin & apple pie.  I'll need to do a load of laundry and vaccuum.

I'll check in again later.. Love you guys!

pattie & gary, gracie & maxwell

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