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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Margo's back Thurday!! 10/6/2011 @ 11:50a.m.

It was a pleasant surprise and much anticipated to see our favorite nurse back today, Margo!!  She is just very centered, and truly a spiritual person who cares for her baby's and their parents.  I was very excited to have her back as I'm sure Grace was.

Gracie's room looks big.. it's just her isolette & the feeding tube machine is attached to the pole on the isolette.  It's cleaned out & clear, and looks big; Thanks to her nurse, Debbie last night!
Here she is at Good Morning, Momma!!  Love seeing her beautiful little face with no oxygen on it.  She has not had a d-sat since Tuesday.  None in the night, none in the day.. that's great!!  (Because you know there's a checklist that she has to meet before she goes home..of course we need to get the feedings thing down, but she's doing good with that..needs to grow.. & she's doing great with no oxygen.)

I got Miss Grace two preemie outfits, so I put her in this one this morning.. it's little volkswagon bugs, (hint to my husband, i want one for my 50th bday; hey it's not that far off..need to start planning now).. she looks soo cute.

Sleeping with her hands behind her head, like a few family members!!

Grace is 65 days today, 36w4days! Her due date was 10/30.. I asked about feedings and the NJ tube at rounds.  They're thinking that the NJ tube they'll leave in for a few weeks, so we can fatten her up & allow her to grow.  Hoping by then, she grows out of her belly issues, and they can put back the NG tube & then start feeding her bolis thru the NG tube.  But that sounds like a long time away, because today's doctor said probably won't happen til she full-term.  In the meantime, we need to work on the pacifier to build up her mouth orally.  She has to be in the mood for the pacifier.  And OT & PT should be coming a little more and work on her posturing & legs, and such!  Lotta work our baby has to do.. But one thing is for sure, she's doing GREAT with her breathing!! 
big girl, We're soo proud of you!!

I talked to Ben & Emily this morning.. soo cute!! Emily saw pictures of Pattie & the baby, so she asked how is the baby? Ben will find out soon enough... he's 4, so he'll be asking to see the baby all the time if we tell him to soon.  I can't wait for them to meet her!!  And her them!  Emily's turning 2 tomorrow!! Another big girl!! :)

That's my story!
pattie & gary, gracie & maxwell

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