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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Big Girl Wednesday!! 10/5/2011 @ 12:19pm

Hi, everyone!! Our little girl has graduated to NO breathing apparatus!!  That's right, she is off the canula!!
On left, this am with canula & on right.. her nurse, Happy (that's her name) takes off the canula!!

Today is a BIG day for Gracie!! Whoo-hoo!!!!!

And there she is without it!! Not the best picture, I know.. they took it off & immediately put her on her belly..but I'll get another one later when she's on her belly! This all happened at 11a.m., and her oxygen levels are still around 100 to high 90's!! I'm soo happy & proud of her!!  Thank you God & everyone who's being praying for her.. she truly is our Miracle!! 

She is also on full feeds!! She is on 9.5cc's/hour.. for those of you who have read since the beginning, can you imagine this moment with Mom & Dad?? Woww..  what a blessing!!  TYG!! TYG!! (thank you God!!)

At the end of the week, they will reintroduce a more 'normal' formula, she's still on the NJ tube & only spitting up some bile every once in awhile.  Yesterday, she only had 1 d-sat all day.. (so that was one of the reasons they decided to take off the canula).. 1 dsat! That's worth a celebration!!

Next week, will be immunization week for Gracie!  She has one more day of antibiotics, hoping her IV lasts one more day..if not, she'll just get a shot in the leg of the far so good with the IV though!

Sara, from a Methodist church up here (that has visited since Grace was born), came up today for a visit.  "Auntie" Sara is wonderful & Gracie and I enjoy visiting with her.  Her church has been great with sending books & snacks. 

Gracie had her eyes open for awhile this morning.. here she is.. soo cute!  Oh, yes & from yesterday, Gracie did have an explosionary (is that even a word) poop last night!! She's doing great!! TYG!!

Love you guys!
pattie & gary, GRACIE & maxwell

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