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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sunny Saturday 10/14/2011 @ 11:33a.m.

Good morning, Sunshine!!  Nice to see some sun on a cool fall day..we walked to the hospital (I usually walk when Gary's not here).. and it was nice.  Cool. Refreshing!  And I didn't bring my wallet, (there's no money in it & I didn't need my license); but what I forgot was in the little thing that lets me upload pictures, so I can post :( .. so, I'll post pictures later.

Gracie went up .15 grams in weight; so tomorrow maybe the full ounce... so still 3lbs.12oz, but we're getting closer.

She just had a gross spit up, but a big poop too; which usually happens with her.. she pushes so hard to poop, she spits up!  Daddy ran to get the nurse, I went into Mom mode, and just cleaned her up, changed her & gave her new cloth diapers to lay on..she was fine!  Aw, Daddy!!

All is well.. I spoke to Auntie Tess (Theresa) this morning & heard Emily in the background singing "Hot dog".. soo funny!! Heard Ben yawn very loudly.. soo cute!!

We're finishing up billing today.. arghhhhhh!! I wish my dear husband would get in the habit of doing it daily!!

I'll check in later.. Happy Saturday to everyone!! Enjoy this beautiful fall day!

pattie & gary, gracie & maxwell

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