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Monday, October 17, 2011

Manic Monday

Good morning Mommy!  I'm getting big. 3lbs. 15oz. 17 1/2" long!!  Tomorrow, Gracie will have the NJ tube back in & be on neocate.  We are advocating for her to get some more work with the pacifier for oral stimulation.  Which she did great with me yesterday; and she did great with her OT specialist, Marisa today.

This feeding thing is very frustrating.  Gary & I are doing our best to stay sane, but it's very hard.  Having a preemie baby takes a toll on couples, and everything that we've been thru since July 21st, I'm feeling pretty stressed.  I am on a few sites with other preemie parents, so there's alot of conversations with what worked/works for's a good sounding board... but we are far from home too.  I don't know..

Good thing is that Gracie & I have Auntie Heather coming up tomorrow night for a sleepover & a visit with Gracie on Wednesday.  That'll be fun!

A dear friend of ours is dying of pancratic cancer, and my heart goes out to his family.. soo sad.

This year has Sucked! There I said it! Grant it we got pregnant & we have Gracie.. but the rest of this crap, I wouldn't wish on anyone.  When it takes you 3 years to get pregnant, you shouldn't have to go thru any of this.  I'm pissy today, can you tell??

with Marisa (ot)..eyes wide opened!

 Gracie laying on me! soo cute!!

Tonight's dinner is chicken parm, eggplant parm & vegetables & apple crisp! There's a lot of cupcakes around too.. Just what I don't need! 

Gary talked to the doctor who's on this week, we just want continunity in care.. every two weeks it's a new doctor with a new plan.. we just want what's best for Gracie.  So, it seems like we have a plan this week, please let's pray it all goes well.  (by the way, she has not had any apnea spells or regugers since saturday when they took the tube out). 

That's my story!

love you guys,
pattie & gary, gracie & max

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