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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Always an adventure! 10/16/11 @ 7:03pm

Just finished dinner of american chop suey, italian bread & very good cole slaw.. :)  .. And we had some adventure before dinner here at RmCd house.. this showed up:
Yup.. the fire alarm went off.. I thought it was dinner! But in fact it was the stove had droppings of it on the bottom of it, and started smoking & the alarms went off.  We all had to go outside.  I was on the computer when the alarm sounded & it was deafening.  Sad to say, I thought it wasn't a real fire, I took my time putting on my shoes & putting on my sweater.  We were told within 15 min. it was clear & could all go back inside.  (i was remembering my college days..when we would get fire alarms at midnight from some drunken fool pulling it).

Anyway.. they took some blood from Gracie & her blood levels were good, they didn't have to give her a transfusion (that's good!); and there's no infection brewing..(that's very good!).

Everyone seems to be on the right plan to wait til Tuesday to get the NJ tube back in & continue feedings.  She did not have any recorded d-sats today or pukes.. sooo there must've been an irritation of sorts (idk maybe the feeding tube???).. So, we hope they figure out what caused the irritation.. I would really like to see them try & give her a little bottle with nippler & a little formula.. she was sucking on the pacifier today like crazy.  She started to cry & was stretching, trying to take a poop..I soothed her, sang songs & gave her pacifier & she took it.  She is 38 weeks!!  So, we'll see what the next 2 days bring.  Grace did have a restful afternoon!!  And we put her in a new preemie outfit that is pink with hippomatumus's on she is.. soo cute!! :)

Good luck to Julie, who's back to work tomorrow!! I'll be thinking of you!!
Thanks to Heather for a good text chat today :)
And Congratulations to Gracie's Madrniha, Dalila who ran her first Marathon!!

Love you guys,
pattie & gary, gracie & maxwell


  1. Thanks for thinking of me... I'll take all the good thoughts anyone has to offer. I'm very much dreading this! Should have played the lottery!! :)

    Glad to hear Gracie is doing better today! Keeping all of you in my thoughts...

  2. gracie is such a littke pumpkin <3