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Friday, September 23, 2011

You know you're a mommy when.... Fri. 9/23 @7:29pm

I'm officially a mommy, I cleaned up Gracie's pukie..and while sitting there doing my crosswords, I can hear it coming out & run to her side! I'm quicker than "the nurse".. same one as yesterday, a little better today.  I did say "little".. I won't bore you with the details!

So.. the doctor & NNP (neo nurse practioner) are happy with Gracie's feedings, and are just pressing on with increasing her feeds.  They went to 5cc's/hour today & she did well with it.  She does still throw up, brown coffee grind like substance, they don't think there's much formula in it.  From the doctor's mouth, "she's going to be a puker"... "she's annoying".. I said, "arent' all women??"  (geesh, working with all women sometimes we are annoying.. that's why I said it..and trust me sometimes they're all annoying over there.)  I guess a lot of preemies, from what I've been reading are pukers..because of Gracie is right along with them.   That's okay Gracie, Mommy will always clean your pukie!!

I got to hold Grace today for a good 35 minutes, they had to come in to take an x-ray or it would've been longer.  And this afternoon (like yesterday), she opened her eyes for a good 25 minutes this afternoon.  So great. 

An occupational therapist (OT) came in this afternoon & spent some time talking to us, and letting us know that Gracie will get 3x's a week of PT & OT.  She also showed us a few excercises we can help Gracie do. (like her morning Pilates isn't enough?? lol).  Just alot of lower extremeties, her upper extremeties - arms, shoulders seem to have pretty good movements; but they'll work on all of her.

I got another good picture of her opening her eyes..I promise more pictures to be posted Sunday.  Tomorrow is Benjamin (my 4year old nephew) & Emily's (2year niece's) birthday party in Mansfield.. we are heading right from here.. can't wait to see them both.  Can't wait for Gracie to meet her cousins hopefully in November.. and then she'll be able to come with us next year.  Sunday, we are back with our friend, Ross who will come up to meet Grace for the first time!!

Love you guys,
pattie & gary, gracie & max

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