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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back in Maine Update Wed. 9/22/11 @ 7:50pm

I just got a mosquito bite on my way back into RmCd house.. :( .. it's right on my hand!!  And Gary forgot my power plug for my laptop..argghh! Won't be able to get it til Saturday, just have to use his to write my updates.

Back in Maine about 6pm, lots of traffic.. stopped at the hospital to Miss Grace, and she was fast asleep on her belly.  She has a new feeding tube as of today, this one goes thru her nose & bypasses her belly, goes right to her small intestines...suppossed to help so that she puts on weight & help her to stop regugertating.  They also think the regugertates are making her d-sat.. soo we'll see what happens this way.  We have questions though for them regarding this method.  How long will they keep her feeding like this? Will this affect her future feedings in her belly?  There must be more questions from my husband, I am sure!!

I had a nice breakfast date with my friend, Ross.  And then a lunch date with my mama, that was nice too!!

Miss Gracie is 3lbs. 4oz as of today.. way to go Gracie!  I'm glad to be back.. update tomorrow with a picture!

Love you guys,
pattie & gary, gracie & max

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