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Friday, December 16, 2011

rough day. 2:20pm

Gracie is 136 days old.  Weighing in at 7lbs. 13oz!!

I got to sleep last night, Thank you Gary! He slept on "Gracie's" side, and woke up with her a few times from 11-5, I was up just a little, and then at 5:30 to change her.. so I felt good when I woke up at 7:30, to start the 8 o'clock feeding.  I was able to go run a few errands for an hour, while Daddy & Gracie napped.  I was feeling good.  Ran into old friends & showed them pictures... I like being up & productive.

Then I got back home.  VNA (visiting nurse) finally came today at 10.. & she was the one that got Gracie's weight..she's closer to that 8lbs!!  Gracie is 'wheezing' a little bit.. so we decided to take her into the pedi.  Also her synergis shot was due this week, and there was some major miscommunication between the case manager at VNA & us to have it ordered & delivered to us!! (So, FYI.. you need to get the synergis shot sent to you at home, so vna can administer it.. NO ONE told us that.. we thought they were coming with it... soo now, it's going to be late..but our pedi assured us it's due '1x mo', so it's ok to be late. Ok!!)

Pedi said that she looked okay.. her lungs were moving the air in/out, like there suppossed to.  So, just keep her elevated & assured me/us that we're doing a good job.  I felt like he was talking directly to me, because I do feel like I do most of the taking care of.. Daddy is GREAT with Grace.. I'm just not feeling supported as a wife/mother from him..does that make sense?

Here she is!!

The good things today, is that I got a few things done this morning.  A few things done around the house & into the basement.  We have a good VNA.. yea!!
And, I'm going out with a friend for dinner & a little shopping later.. I'm looking forward to just getting out!
I'm also glad that my friend, Heather is back in town!!

That's my story!

Love you guys,
pattie & gary, Gracie & maxwell

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