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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Final Days. 5:51pm

Hi! The last few days at home have been very hectic, fun, and tiresome!! We got alot done around the house, to get it organized..then had my shower last night & got overwhelmed all over again.  Thanks to everyone who came out & who was generous in their gift giving.  We got a video monitor, lots of clothes, lots of diapers, lot of gift certificates (which we've already used some).  We had good food, watched a slide of the babies.. from August 3rd til now.. Gracie has gotten dramatically bigger :) .. she looks soo different!  She is really starting to fill out!! So cute!!  We had good cake & my MIL sent some cookies & bars for dessert that were delicious.  I do have pictures..but I'll have to post them seperately.  But here is the centerpieces, done by my friend, Heather (& her daughters Abby & Mady).. they are such a wonderfully, creative family.

The centerpieces were pictures of Gracie in the middle of this flower, and in pots!!
 Sooo cute!

This is Gracie today.. on the right.. doesn't she look SOO big!! She is 124 days old,
& 6lbs. 11 oz.  She is doing soo GREAT!!

We got back to Maine this morning around 10:30.. and it was a little chaotic at first.. trying to get the formula instructions down for home feeds & just trying to work the feeding pump (seems that's taken most of the energy this afternoon).. but we're getting it. 
We also have her on the O2 monitor we'll take home.. doesn't beep as much as we thought it would.. that's a good thing!!  Tomorrow, someone will come & show us the g-tube care, and just in case it falls out..what to do.  And someone will come & instruct on the car seat & getting the base in the car.  So.. then, we'll be on our way HOME!
That's right.. Gracie is going HOME tomorrow!!!

Trust me we are excited & nervous..but I'm sad about saying good-bye to my friends up here.  My NICU family.. Here's me & Dianne (a NNP)

Dianne has been with Gracie since day 1.. she was the NNP that actually admitted Gracie.
So, she is very happy with Gracie's progress.. like we all are!!
We were able to say good bye to Cindy today too.. (another NNP), who has done ALOT of the paperwork (among others..) for our discharge.  Thank you, Cindy!!  Everyone has been really helpful, really!! Cathy B. was here today as well, she is the discharge planner.. just checking in.  Faythe, a Respiratory Therapist, also came in for a hug & a 'good-bye' to Gracie.  Gracie is so loved here...

Tonight, we will be back in here for the 11 o'clock feeding... just to make sure we understand the feeding machine for a continous feed.  Then it's off to try to sleep for 6 hours, til we have to be back in the morning.

She was in her Mamaroo again today.. we'll be buying one for her by the end of the week.. with some additional Gift Certificates we got for her.  She loves her mamaroo.

Well, the end is near.. we are getting excited!!
Hope to do dinner tonight with Josh & Kelley.. Will is getting ready to go home very soon too!!

pattie & gary, Gracie & max

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