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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Meeting & Greeting........

We had to go to the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner
last night..and although I didn't really want to go.. I'm glad I went.
This car was parked in front of mine, this pretty lady came out
and started walking toward Grace & I..
honestly, I thought she was going to say she hit the front of our car..
but noo it was much better than that..
Thanks to Liz, who introduced herself to us!!
Liz & I started email chat months into our 4th IVF cycle way
back in 2011..(she is the cousin of someone I know)..
It was so nice to meet her.
She was such an inspiration & comfort to me when I had the twins,
and when I was in Maine.
Thanks for being there! And for always keeping up with Grace's progress!!!

  We've been putting Grace into the saucer lately, and as you can see from this picture..she is doing fantastic!! She's standing in it & playing with the buttons.. soo much better than she used to.  She's not throwing her
back or head about.  She is definitely getting stronger!!
And today, I had the pleasure of meeting my first cousins new baby girls..
Welcome Kendall & Morgan.
Identical twin baby girls.. Kendall is over 5 lbs. & Morgan is just over 4.
Both babies are doing well & at home with Mama & Dada.
Lots doing.. Grace & I are going to watch my niece perform in her
gymnastics routine tomorrow..
Missing music & maybe nap..but it's okay to have one 'off' day..
Saturday back to swim class with Daddy! She did so well last week
splashing & kicking!
Thanks to all , truly..who continue to read about Grace..
and then see us out & introduce yourselves!
With all the people that read our blog, the blessings are tremendous!
pattie & gary, Gracie & Maxwell

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