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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our mini-vacation to NY!

We're back.. had a nice few days with the IL's in Lewiston, NY..
which is right near Niagara Falls..
Once you've seen this wonder of the world, (1 of them).. it's pretty..
but personally, I like the time we get to go to the Casino!
As Grace took her 4 hour nap each day, I read, caught up with the sun rays,
and Gary & I had ice cream, lunch & won $$ together..
(just the penny machines..$75 in total :)
Gary's parents are wonderful.. and think the world of Grace..
they are very happy she is doing so well..
here are some pictures from our trip!  Enjoy!

  With Noni & Grandpa..

  at the Niagara Aquarium...

With Cousin Johnny Jr... notice Gracie pulling his sweater & Jr. was scared of Grace..
he actually told Noni the next day that Grace "kicked him".. she really just rolled into him.  But she's a toughie.. lol

Me & Grandpa!

 Talking shop!

  Just resting, Mama!
We also visited the aquarium together..seemed Grace enjoyed the animals!
I saw a live deer on the side of the road, poking around.. that was cool.
We didn't eat anything too exciting to write up..
"soft serve" ice cream is called "frozen custard".. we had a sundae & I had my black raspberry frozen custard.. delicious!
Now that we are back home, my next vacation is warm days, blue ocean, and white sand..  (someday!)
Grace slept great at Grandpa's & Noni's..with  4 hour naps everyday!
And went to bed her usual bedtime 7-7 :)
The car sleeping for Grace, and 8 hours was a tough road trip with no sleep...
but overall, she's a little traveler..did great!
Grace has been taking steps in the last few days..
with & without her braces on.. she's really ready to just take off.
And the IL's agree with us, the food part..or getting her to eat is a little harder than they thought.. although she did have some mini meatballs in soup.
A fun time was had by all..but nice to be home!
Thanks for reading!
pattie & gary, Grace & Maxwell

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