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Thursday, June 27, 2013

"You're both so lucky to have each other.."

That's what a woman/stranger said to me today at the UPS store..
and before that she said, "What a beautiful, happy, smiley baby.."
And I thought.."Yes, Ma'm..and if you knew where she was a week ago,
and that we almost lost her; or what she has been thru her life in the last two years.."
But then, sometimes that sounds like I'm being negative.. so I just said, "thank you"..
and AGREED with her..
Grace & I have a unique relationship already!!
Granted, I'm sure it's because she's got my personality..and
is as silly as I am!
We do this thing.. (I think Gary took a video, so I'll try to post tomorrow)
but we both laugh together, and she puts her hand over her nose & mouth,
then I follow suit.. as we laugh together..
She's starting to copy things I do, and vice versa!
She is such a joy!!
With everything she's been through.. God, she's such a happy baby!
I wish YOU all could meet her..
but I'm grateful you keep up with our story!!
A big Thanks to some friends of my Aunt Patty's..
a new book today in the mail for Grace (we've read it twice today)
a gift card to Babies R us..
just a few things to say "i'm thinking & praying for your family"..
it's receiving things like this, hearing those words from that woman today,
and a great conversation with my bank's vice president
that made me smile today!!
The extra SMILE came from my love bug!!
And the cannoli my husband got us for dessert!
pattie & gary, Gracie & max

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