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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

11th day!

We're still plugging away at Hasbro..
went in this am, after trying to sleep in a bit...
Grace was feisty & very happy to see me..
as a matter of fact, everytime I walked away from the crib..she started this fake cry!
Gary said she'd been doing it all night!
From her crib side, we call Vevo & Vevo
& Noni & Grandpa..
when they come on the phone..her eyes open wide & she's smiling
and trying to say 'hi'.. it's very cute!!
Last night she got to talk to her friend, Abby!! :)  A special treat for her!!
Today, her doctor came in and we talked to her about going up on feeds.
So starting with tonights feeds, they went to 45 ml's over an hour..
tomorrow they will close vent the tube for feeding; and maybe put it up another 15 ml's.
I'm hoping we can bring her home on Thursday.
(can't wait!!!)
Grace is off oxygen as well, as of this morning!
I got to hold her this afternoon, as we watched "Finding Nemo" for the 100th time! :)
Thanks for all the thoughts & prayers.
I'll be staying at the hospital tomorrow, as Gary comes home for shower & sleep.
pattie & gary, Grace & max

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