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Sunday, June 9, 2013

A turn of events.........

Hey, everyone.. just a quick update..
Grace got severly dehydrated Thursday afternoon through Saturday..
she actually took 8 ouces by mouth on Saturday,
and then we noticed it all leaked out of the side of her g-tube.
(that gtube has been nothing but problems for my sweet girl)
The good news is we know now, when she's really hungry she'll take that much by bottle.  Which is a plus, but not how we wanted to find out..she was starving!
Anyway, she is now at Hasbro Hospital, being prepped this am for Surgery today!
We ask for your positive thoughts & prayers.
The surgeon is the 'best'.. my sister works with her all the time, and comes
highly recommendable!!
The surgeon will close her current gtube location,
and place another gtube at another site on the belly.
Then we will work extra hard in the next few months to get that out.
Unlike the one she has now, the new site will close on its own once she
doesn't need it anymore.
We are doing okay.. just a little nervous (as any parents would be)
Please keep us in mind today!
I'll update you all later.
Thank you!
pattie & gary, Grace & Maxwell

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