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Thursday, June 20, 2013

hotel hasbro still..

The hope is that we are going home tomorrow (friday)..
Just a side note, Grace came in weighing, 18 lbs. 5oz.; dropped to 17lbs. 12 oz..
and as of this morning weighs  18 lbs. 12 oz. 
& this is NOT even at her full feeding schedule!!
(which I'm happy about..she'll gain the weight safely, but on the same token,
geesh, if that original gtube wasn't leaking..)

Anyway, her gtube feeds are going okay..there is still some residual in
her belly..but they are going to give her something to help
push that down.. her surgeon was in this am..
there seems a pretty good plan in place..
we'll see how she does today with her feeds!

  This is from yesterday.. happy girl!!
Glad to be out of the crib..
 And before going to bed last night..she has all her 'biting' toys
here.. still teething a little..
She's as tired as the rest of us.. she's taking a long morning nap right now..
Thanks for thinking of us!
pattie & gary, Grace & max

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