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Friday, June 21, 2013


We got discharged early this afternoon..
Grace slept all night, mom & dad were there too..but I don't think
we slept good at all.. Grace can sleep thru anything! (really!!)
her feeding pump kept going off every hour, it's the kind of pump
that gets louder & louder until it gets shut off.
Every time it went off, we both woke up, Gary had to get up & open
the door, so the nurse would come in & shut it off.. it was very annoying!!
We are very happy to be home!!
  Here she is in her 'ride' as we were leaving the hospital..  She looks GREAT!  First order of business, washing that hair :)

I think she got an inch taller in two weeks.. now
that she's eating ALL her nutrients..she's going to grow taller & gain weight!!
We're going to hang at home for the weekend.. get some rest
& truly enjoy our little girl..
who is HOME safely & soundly..
Thanks for keeping in touch!
pattie & gary, Grace & max

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