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Monday, August 5, 2013

Physical Therapy. (PT)

So, Grace is now getting PT twice a week..
the focus is sitting, standing, & walking!!
On Monday mornings, we go into the Schwartz Center
for her PT.. which gives Grace the chance to try new things..
and see other children!!
(she loves other children..puts her arms out to touch them (or pull their,
or touch their she made a friend with another girl,
and kept saying 'hi' to her)
Here is Grace today in a 'gate trainor'..
helps her to stand up straight, as she has to move her feet to
walk..she did very well!! (i teared up a little)
  And then she sat against this little thingy..
with a noodle between her legs, to help push those hips aside, a little..

And on Wednesday, the Stander will be here at our house..
to help bear weight thru her legs..and keep her standing up ..
Auntie Heather & gang got Grace 'jello paints' for her birthday..
we can put her in the stander, and teach her how to paint..
(if she eats's ok :)
She still wears her braces on her feet..
and has her rhino brace around her hips when she sleeps.
All things that will help her put weight thru her hips..
to help stand/walk..
Thanks for reading!
pattie & gary, Grace & maxwell

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