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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

And Grace's new stander is here...

It's here.. Grace's new PURPLE Super Stander..
the name is more intimidating than the actually stander..
  Here she is actually 'enjoying' it.. so you can see how she looks fully standing up in it.. playing blocks with Daddy tonight..
she stayed in it for 15 minutes tonight!!

I know I say it ALOT.. my friend Dave said it to me last week, after
reading the blog too.. Grace is a SUPERSTAR!!
When PT got here this morning, with the stander.. Grace was not
happy in it..she cried for nearly 10 minutes in it (it's something new)..
but she stayed in it for 25 minutes..
so her first time in it at home, and she stood standing in it for 40 minutes total today!!
WOW!!!!!  My little friend!
The goal is to stand for an 'hour' a day..
tomorrow, we'll do some standing in the morning & some in the evening..
She also had a great PT session today.. she was giggling
and did a great job just standing on her own..
and sit to stand!
She's awesome!
Thanks for her! :)
pattie & gary, Grace & Maxwell

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