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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Milestone Monday to Swimmy Saturday

Sorry, it's been a week since I have was a busy week for Mama..
Let's see, Milestone Monday..

Grace sitting on a stool with PT.. look how great she looks..sitting up like a big girl..
then she does 'sit to stand'..and her PT says her legs are getting soo strong!!
The books to the right, are from her secret "Book of the month" friends..
her Great Aunt, has been sending books to her monthly..
Crystal helped with picking these out! 
And we love to read before bedtime.. Grace does a wonderful job, watching our
mouths reading to her.. I know she just wants to say something!!!
  Celery eating!!
She's getting her two year molars, so she was knawing off on this piece of celery
last night at a party!  Which she did great at.. little fussy around 8pm when we left, but come was an hour past bedtime!
A visit to her dietician on Monday..revealed she is now 19 lbs. 8 oz. ..
and 1-2 meals a day, she will have a blenderized meal thru her gtube
(whatever she doesn't eat by mouth).. so we offered her a little linquica patty earlier in the week..she did taste it, but spit it out :( we just blenderized it with some
pureed carrots & a little water..and voila she has a blenderized what's called
a "gavage" feeding.. (we extend a 60 cc tube on her gtube & it goes down
by gravity, or we push it in with a syringe) for now she gets 1 of these.. so
her belly doesn't feel so full with just the formula..
Her pediatrician thinks that once she gets closer to that age 2 'corrected age' (the time she would've been closer to end of October or so), then maybe it'll just
click that she needs to eat or swallow.. Medically, there isn't anything wrong! (TG!)
The week rounded off with PT & OT (daddy was home for Mama was taking a class).. Daddy's little girl cried a bit..thinking daddy would make them stop..
he just had to leave the room.
We also had a fun play date with a new friend.  Landon & mom, Debbie!
Thanks for the visit.. nice chat! And Landon loved Grace, and she him.
Today was swim.. i'll post a pic later..
but she's doing great..and we're signing up for the next swim classes for September.
Tonight will be the beach.. I'll sure to post some pics.
Thanks for reading & catching up!
pattie & gary, Grace & max
p.s. Congrats to a few of the nurses that we knew in Maine..
Kristina on her recent wedding!! And Erica is going to be a mama in January! And Mari too who is a Mama to twin girls :)
We are very excited for them.  We stay in touch, via social media.  And it's really
nice they all have something wonderful happening!!

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