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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend Walks. 5:38pm

Hi, everyone!! It looks warmer out than it is..
mid to high 30-40's yesterday & today.. but we still
went for a walk down the street to the beach & back..
here's some pictures..
 Getting ready!

  Today's this new/old pink Princess
stroller..(the same one I used for my niece when I used to babysit 2 years ago..)

hiding from the sun..

  Dada & Me.. "our beach" in the background

And we're home!! Daddy's trying to warm up my hands.
We don't have PT or OT this week.. so tomorrow we are going
to try & make it to Toe Jam in the a.m.
Grace is doing great..besides no nap on Saturday.. :(
but she napped good today, and we had lunch at vevo's house..
Grace had some lemon pudding & loved it!!
A few carrots too!
(we're trying!!)
We have an easy week coming up. I'm not sure if that means..LOOONNGG!!!
Have a good one!
pattie & gary, Grace & max

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