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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hats & Balls. 9:33a.m.

Good morning friends!
Grace has been a little sickie in the last 24 hours..
low to mid grade fever, alternating tylenol & ibuprofren.. I think
has done the trick.. she seems much more herself this morning.
She even smiled at the camera this morning.. definitely feeling better!!
She'll rest today, as she has nothing else to do!!

 This is a picture from this week..
Grace LOVES playing ball..and here is she is playing ball with her sitter, Amie.
Amie is a college student at UMASS for her master's & then going on to law school..
so I'm hoping she'll be with us for the next few years. She's great with Grace..
And a special treat from Auntie Dalila.. she got 3 new hats..
(here she is trying to take it off..she used to be a hat girl.. probably when she didn't realize it was on her head..)
Save the best for last...
Grace has mastered "blowing kisses".. and I was able to capture it:
sooo cute!!  love her!!
Thanks for reading,
pattie & gary, Gracie & maxwell

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