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Monday, March 4, 2013

Look what I did today!! 6:51pm

I'm a big girl!!
This is a vest called, Benik..and this is the first time
I've tried it.. it helps support my torso, to help me stay up straight..
I sat up all by myself today..
and even SMILED when Mama took my picture!!

Then, Ms. Laura, my PT.. had me sitting up without the vest..
Mama says I did "GREAT"..and she's so PROUD of me..
I cried & was sooo mad..but I guess I did it..
I sat by myself.
I need to keep practicing though.. I think I'm really close
to do it without help!!
And for dinner, we had tacos.. I had smashed up black beans
with salsa & some cheese.. I used the spoon all by myself..
it was delicious!
Mama says I'll be eating this for breakfast too..
grrreeaattt! :)
Thanks for keeping up with my progress.
my mama, dada, and my angel brother, Max

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