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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Proud Mama of a Preemie. 8:57pm

Today is Proud Parents of a Preemie Day (& everyday)..
My pregnancy was perfect in every way.. til 25w3days..
when my water broke.  It's a day I'll/We'll never forget.
But it's okay.. we move pass & we call ourselves, PROUD parents
of our preemies!!
Preemie Parents come in all sizes, shapes, backgrounds, enthic backgrounds..
it's not just one reason that we go into labor..
sometimes there is a reason..and sometimes (like me) there is none..
I'm proud of how far Grace has come..
she was born at 1 lb. 13oz.. and it was touch n go in the beginning..
now she is 18 lbs. and a very happy, growing, healthy baby!!
(except today..this weekend, she is not feeling well.. viral infection, I guess.. we'll take her to the pediatrician tomorrow..good thoughts & prayers welcome.)
Don't judge a Parent of a preemie..
it can happen to anyone & it does!!
But it makes us Stronger..and our Preemies our Fighters!!
To all my Preemie Mom Friends (65+)..
Happy Preemie Parent Day!!
pattie & gary, Gracie & maxwell

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  1. Happy Preemies Day! I've enjoyed following your blog. Hope Grace is feeling better and it's nothing too serious.