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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Music & Ducks! 9:12pm

It's the beginning of a new week.. yesterday, Grace went to her
first "concert" with The Toe Jam Puppet Band
at our local, 'buttonwood park zoo'..
It's a children's band that plays there every Monday..
and now that we have a membership to the zoo, that part is free..
and then to see the band is only $5. per family. Kinda cool!!
And she loved it.. we danced & sang..
and the Hooley twins & mom met us.. lots of moms, and dads
there with their children.. it's a really cool way to spend an hour!
And if that wasn't cool's the ducks crossing the street,
in front of our car, on our way home!!
Can't wait for Spring..when we can go 'visit' the ducks & the zoo animals!!
Today, Grace had her follow up opthamalogy appointment,
and her eyes are doing great..she even had them dialted (she HATED that part)
and things look good.  Her left eye sometimes turns in a little, so we'll try
patching her right an hour to two a day, to strenghten the left eye.
Here's some mama & daddy pictures with Grace..
and Grace is teething pretty bad.. think they're all coming in at once..

Eating Sophie!!
Tomorrow we got PT at 8:30 a.m.,
and then Thursday is her 18 mo. check up.
Grace ate yogurt & berries this am..and some sweet potatoes at dinner.
Love you lovebug!!
Thanks for keeping up with us!
pattie & gary, Gracie & Maxwell

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