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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More Pictures & fun. 10:56pm

With no cable for the last few days, we listened to the radio..
Grace really loves music...and you should see her smile & laugh
when I dance!! (Some of you are smiling!! :)
I have a video of her & I dancing's quite a hoot
in my red flannel pj's.. someday I'll be so bold to put it on utube for you all.
But for'll have to settle for some cute pictures..
Grace, with her braces on..and standing up to the couch

  She's doing well with her braces.. we have to try to put her on her a little more time..bu we're building up to that.  She does move
her feet as if she's walking; and she does sit in her high chair with them on, srengthening her calves.  She doesn't seemed too fazed by them on..

 In feeding, we have found that if we cut up food pieces and leave them
on her tray, Grace will pick up the food bites, and either put in her mouth
or throw them on the floor. (like most toddlers).
Grace is trying new foods daily.

Like this one.. her first popsicle.. and with her very sharp teeth,
she bit off the top of this one...

 Eating pizza!!!
Grace is doing great!!
Thanks for asking about her, keeping her in your thoughts & prayers!!
pattie & gary, Grace & maxwell

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