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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Motivated weekend..

Grace had her (once again) first Swim class yesterday..she did great!  It was like she never left .. (we started in June, but then when she ended up in the hospital, we missed 3 weeks).  We got there a little early, so we had to wait.. she was really into watching the kids in the pool.. then when it was her turn, she was really into it.  (Our other 'preemie' friends, twins Journey & Harrison.. are joining us in the swim class.. so that's fun!)
 Giving Mama a funny face!
Just a cute picture.. Grace rockin the hits on my iphone!!

Visited with Vevo & Avo today.. & we always play the piano before
we leave.. Dada put Grace on the bench today & she was more than
happy to look at mama & smile for the camera..
She has long fingers.. could be a piano player!!
Grace actually sat for about 15 seconds by herself, playing the piano too!!
In other news, Gary & I have finally started to paint the office & clean it out..
this is a project we've wanted to do for about a year now..
the office is that room in the house, that just collects everything!
Here's a couple of before pictures, and before week-ends, we should have after
pictures.. We're painting it yellow & adding some tables..and then some 'things' from

Another busy week, OT, PT & Speech
picking up Grace's new hip brace on Wednesday & Vevo's birthday..
so I think we're doing breakfast with her!
Friday is Grace's neurologist appointment.. we see him every six months..
should be a good appointment.. she's gotten so big since 8 months ago! (last time we saw him)
Have a blessed week, all!!
Prayers to our church family who had a sad lost today..
RIP:  Gary S!!
pattie & gary, Grace & Max

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