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Sunday, July 28, 2013

7 Weeks...

It's been 7 weeks since Grace had her g-tube resighted!  Only 7 weeks.. it feels longer, because we've seen sooo much improvement!!

First, she's not playing the banjo on her belly anymore!! There is no leakage..maybe a little, very little..we've been adding a little critic-aid cream around the gtube..and her skin looks great! NOTHING like before.. I can't believe she lived & we lived a year n half with so much leakage.  Now the only reason we are changing her more than once a day, is because of all the drool on her shirt from her teeth!

As you can see.. a mouthful!!!
Grace has always had a constipation problem..and we've always just given her Miralax once a day.. well, with some Preemie Mom friends that I know & reading up on it..
we are trying something new with her g-tube feeds.  It's called "blenderized" diet..
and whatever it is we are eating, we can puree & add it to her pediasure or other liquid,
and give it to her via g-tube.  Until I meet with her nutritionist, for now, I'm just
adding a high calorie puree to her pediasure...and I've been doing that for the
last week..and we've noticed a BIG difference in her pooping (not to be TMI)..but
it's soft & she's doing it daily!! YAY! "Natural fiber!"
So, I hope our nutritionist is on board with I'm familiarizing myself
to get to that point for her feeds.  This way as well, she may just feel 'hungrier' to eat
more real foods.  For the last week, she's gone from 6 feeds in 24 hours, down to 4.
We are not seeing a huge need for hunger yet, but we will, I'm sure!!
  Grace had her first dip in the ocean last night.. her cousins were over & we went for a walk down the street .. to "our beach"..
here she is with Mama.. she loves the water...and she loved standing up in the ocean.

I see a beach day in our future!!
A lot happening..and not too soon..
a big week is coming up for us..
as we remember how far Grace has come..
we're looking forward to celebrating her 2nd birthday this Saturday..
August 3rd!! 
Thanks for keeping up with us!
pattie & gary, Grace & maxwell

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