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Friday, July 5, 2013

Fireworks of our own!

Happy 4th everyone!!
 this was July 4, 2012

And this was the Mattapoisett Road Race..
  We went to a cookout at Uncle Ross' & Auntie Heather's..and Grace enjoyed swinging!!

As much as Abigail, & Olivia enjoyed pushing her.. :)
 And this is 15 years in the making..
here's my old roommate, Ross (on left, whom I lived with for 8 years),
and his Dad (from Australia) ..
soo nice to finally meet Mr. Hooley!!!
We had a really nice time!!
Got home a little later.. Grace took a shower & then..
the fireworks began..
"troublemaker" Gracie, pulled out her gtube..the entire tube!!
Panic set in for a few minutes, but then we were in the car
within a few more, and racing to Hasbro!
Her "pedi surgery" team met us..and they took good care of her..
They inserted a foley for now, and we'll be back in a week or two
to put the actualy mic button in.
Only a 3 hour round trip, trip to Hasbro...
not bad at all!!
Grace was almost all smiles while there..
And we all got to sleep til 10:30 this morning.. Gosh,
can't remember when that happened...
Hope you & your families had a nice 4th..and
have a great weekend!!
Grace has swim on Saturday.. after having to skip a few..
I'm sure she'll be very excited to get back in the water.
Happy Weekend!!
pattie & gary, Grace & maxwell

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