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Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Auntie Heather!

One of our very special, Auntie's turned a big(ger) :)
number a few weeks ago..and her darling husband.. invited 4 of her closest
friends over to her house over the weekend, and he hired a personal chef.
The menu was Aunthentic Mexican.
My first time eating Salsa Verde.. delicious!
We got the recipes too..and drank lots of champagne, wine, and margaritas.
Good laughs, good chats, and Great food!!
Happy Birthday, Auntie Heather..
And then there's Princess Gracie:

  What a GREAT shot!!  She is always smiling!
And a picture from Mother's Day morning.. Grace gets to spend time in
our bed with us every morning (i know some people are going to shake their head at that..but it's enjoyable for her & us..she doesn't sleep or need to sleep with us, she's awake, and we are too)..  Gary & I put our hands together, and then I asked Grace to put hers up too..and she did :).
She's a wonderful communicator, even though she's actually not talking yet.
She understands everything we say to her..
"Pick up your head, please" (if she starts to sway her head to one side)
She signs, "more" and "all done" at appropriate times.
Our OT has shown her off too..  
we are all impressed at how far she has come
Today, we were back at the dietician..
Grace weighs 18 lbs. 5 oz (she had gone down to 17.6 a month ago)..
so she did great weight gain in a month.
And she is 29" long.. (25% percentile..I think the first time I've heard that
Great Mother's Day yesterday..
Happy Mother's Day to all my mom friends..
and all those who have babies as angels
I'll post Mommy & Me picture tomorrow.
Thanks for reading!
pattie & gary, Gracie & maxwell

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