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Sunday, May 5, 2013

21 months!

Grace turned 21 months on Friday, May 3rd..
Wow.. time flies, when you're having fun.
She enjoyed a quick visit from her babysitter, Amie..
and her Vevo. Then it was off to "Music Together".. we listen to the songs
everyday, she really enjoys music class!
  Her stats:  19 lbs. (unofficial) & 29" long..
Still a very happy baby; good sleeper!  We are practicing standing up straight on our legs.. Grace is bearing weight on her legs everyday, and getting stronger.
Her sitting up is getting better everyday as well..
Grace's new thing is she has found her teeth.. she GRINDS them constantly.
My FIL is a dentist, and he said right now it's okay for her to do it.. it'll probably
help her strengthen her jaw for chewing.
On the food front.. Grace tries new foods everyday..and is doing a FANTASTIC
job, picking it up with her fingers.  She is not really into breakfast.. we tried yogurt this am.. and cheerios in milk.. not a fan favorite! lol
She still loves her wonton soup..or any soup for that matter.
She recently tried onion soup at pub 99 within the last month, and loved it!
She also had pork fried rice this past week, and loved it!
Grace is enjoying going for walks with mom & dad in her BOB stroller..
she sits facing out & smiles, or hides her eyes from the brightness.
Her g-tube feeds have been increased to 800 ml's in a 24 hour period, with
us deducting whatever she takes by mouth.
Last week, she took over 100 ml's by mouth in just a couple of days!!
Grace drinks from a sippy cup..but her pediasure we've given her a bottle..
and she takes anywhere from 2 to 4 ounces.
We are truly blessed.
Grace is doing wonderful!
Healthy & that's all we can ask for!!
Sorry, it's been awhile that I haven't written..
I could blame the whole FB thing..but sometimes it's just giving you enough to read at one time.  The other thing is I've been in a little 'funk'.. trying to define who I am
besides just a Mom & Wife..
Grace keeps me grounded for sure!
I've been newly elected as a  Fairhaven Town Meeting member..and
had our first meeting yesterday (all day..9-4).. it was quite interesting.
Small town, big politics!  Like many, I'm sure!
Thanks for reading..
pattie, gary & Gracie & max

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