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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Updates & Fun

Beautiful weather.. low to mid 60's today..
to take advantage of Grace & the weather, we headed to our local
Zoo this morning!


  And here is Grace checking out the bird.. She enjoys the wind in her face (not the sun!).. & checking out the animals..


Eating a pickle at Pub 99 the other night! She licked 2 pickles & loved them.
Grace has really mastered picking up food with her fingers.. she had her favorite, clam chowder for dinner last night.  She is still liking bold flavors.  Again, not eating enough for calorie intake, but nonetheless, she does taste everything!
(even the things she shouldn't be putting in her mouth..)
A visit to the nutritionist this past week, she's lost 1 lb in 3 months..
not the way we wanted her to go.. so we are adding "Duocal" to her g-tube feeds..
which is just a powder of condensed calories (sugar & carbs).. hoping that'll help
with weight gain.  And we are bumping her intake up as well... she is also more active than she was three months ago..& that eats up calories as well..
She's getting there!! Slowly, but surely!
Grace is doing GREAT with OT & PT .. she is nearly sitting up by herself..
we started Music Together classes about two weeks ago..
and listen to the cd's daily.  She really enjoys music!
I began an American Sign Language course, this past week, thru her Early Intervention
it's a 5 week course.. so I'm hoping to pick up some more signs to teach Grace.
Grace does HEAR, for those who wonder.. however, she has mastered a couple of signs already..and it's a great communication learning tool for toddlers.
Grace is a smart, beautiful little girl.  She has mastered her "silly monkey face"; especially when Vevo is around.
In case you forgot what that looks like..
Signing off.. Thanks for keeping up with us!
pattie & gary, Gracie & maxwell

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