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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Less than a month...

And Grace will be SIX.. (6).. how can that be??

I was in a store at lunch today and saw a new mom & dad 
with three week old twins,
A Boy.  And a Girl.
I was sad... 
I wished them the best.. told them Congratulations.. and i meant it..
but I secretly I wanted to tell them, I was a twin..that I had twins (one in a more heavenly home), 
but then I didn't want to appear like the crazy lady in the store. 
So I wished them well ..and left.  Sad.

As I've always said.. I think my sadness is What could've been.
What would they being doing together?
Grace is so adaptable & very loving..but she is also at times a terrible three year old..
She's chronologically six, but developmentally maybe 2-3.. certainly in 
some ways.. entering that 'terrible 3 year old stage'

Anyway.. she is having a GREAT summer!  We have a great sitter watching her, last week
she enjoyed a splash park, a pool with a friend & is learning to go on the potty among
other things.  This week it's back to school for the next five weeks.. monday thru thursday, 1/2 days.

She's eating by mouth more..not 100%, but definitely more.. it takes discipline from
our part too.. and sometimes that's the last thing we want to do..
"she'll get there" by dear father in law would say..

She will.  She still melts my heart with all her hugs & kisses!
She is a very loving child!!

  Notice how she is holding her FORK :)  Yea!!

I think this might just have to be her birthday picture!

I love her.  I love you too Maxwell!!

pattie, gary, Grace & maxwell

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