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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Rough Patches!

Sometimes LIFE is rough!  We've experienced some recent rough patches..but Thank God we
have our own little village & they are taking care of our bellies (with good food), our soul (with lots of
conversations) & keeping our family in their prayers.. 

I'm sad to tell you.. that my MOM has passed.. it's been slightly under a year that my dad passed..
and now my mom has gone & joined him.  She has a difficult time this past year.. with being in/out of the
hospital with her own sicknesses & let's admit they were married & together 50 years.. I'm sure
she was a bit lonely.

For my immediate family, it was a visit to Vevo's house every weekend..
Grace would get very excited when we pulled up to the house..she knew who was inside.
My  mom & Grace would go back and forth with "mama", Grace's favorite word & my
mom trying to get her to say "dada".. 

Grace was able to 'facetime' Vevo a week ago while both sat in different hospital beds..

Yup.. Grace just had a 2 week stay at Hasbro Children's Hospital..
she went in for a revision of gtube or new one..of course it was the latter.
She had a couple of complications with an immediate 24 hour fever & 
it was a very scary time for her dad & myself.  But as we all know Grace's strength
& resiliance is something out of this world.. SHE is destined to do something huge.. 
we are sure of it!!

Now, she's home.. finally going back to school tomorrow & more loving than usual..
Eating more by mouth.. soup with a spoon, water through a straw & different cup..
I hope her next surgery is to take it out completely.

And to MY personal village - THANK YOU!!

A fruit centerpiece from an old but great friend, that I've just been lucky to reconnect with!!

Our Princess!! Looking healthier than ever..with her 2 new favorite dolls.. from my co-workers..
whom has just made this last week manageable!

Another set of beautiful flowers from one of my part-time jobs.. Ty!!

pattie & gary, Grace & Maxwell

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